I’m a Freedom Junkie, a Remote worker, Business owner and solo Mother. As a proud individual of the ‘Millennial’ generation – I get it…

…the concrete jungle, the smog, the rush of every hour and the four office walls. The not being home for your family, the daydreaming of sandy beaches and exotic locations in meetings (that could have been a memo). The office – where your time is no longer yours.

It was others success and words of encouragement that gave me strength to follow my passions – I hope to inspire and support others the same way I was.

I’m an ambassador for the life of freedom and self-made success, and a believer in the law of attraction. I’ve dabbled in many ways to make money online and have a wealth of knowledge in different roads to success while working remotely. My passion is supporting digital nomads / remote workers achieve success – whatever that looks like for you!

Pizza History Timeline Infographic (3)

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