Career support

Your CV & online profile, we work with you to carefully sculpt your most important marketing tool with an objective eye to assess what is relevant and appropriate to the eye of a remote recruiter.

Out with the traditional approach and in with the new; design and content specific for seeking remote work.

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FREE added value!!

Social-media cleanse and advice. Because it’s not just about what you submit in your application. Skills, experience and education are important, but when your up against 1000’s of other applicants with the same attributes… YOU are what will land you the job. We’ll assess your social media presence and let you know what shouldn’t be visible to the public – and what should be.

Ongoing support. We’ll help you with any minor changes or additions to your CV or online profile for 3-months, because we understand that things change.

How it works

We have a smooth process to ensure we are working with you and understanding your needs, working with you is important so you can achieve your goals.

  1. Select an option and a checklist is sent, this helps us understand your needs.
  2. Return the checklist and your current CV to us.
  3. A copy is drafted and sent back to you.
  4. Any feedback and additions are considered and the final copy is sent.

Options to suit your every need

  • New professional CV design (word and PDF documents)
  • Cover letter template
  • Advice and support with seeking remote work and upskilling
  • Company profiling and research for your first lead, arming you with knowledge and questions to make you stand out in an interview.
  • 10% discount off Upwork and LinkedIn profiles

  • New professional CV design (word and PDF documents)
  • Cover letter template

  • Complete overhaul and re-write of your LinkedIn profile
  • SEO keywords
  • Calls to action

  • New profile or existing content re-write
  • Cover letter template